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Billboard manufacture

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The right signage structure is the most important factor after choosing the right location, and it shouldn't just be left to guess work. You also shouldn't have to simply settle for what is available. If your site lends itself to a bigger size than standard, or you'd like to go with a custom shape, we have the flexibility to manufacture exactly what you need.

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Billboard Space to rent

Billboard Space

Outdoor advertising, just as in real estate investing is all about POSITION, POSITION, POSITION. A great ad in a quiet end of town will always be outdone by a mediocre billboard in busy hub. We offer spectacular sites in the busiest locations.

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Banner Flighting & Vinyl Application

Banner Flighting & Vinyl Application

Our skilled flighting teams have the know-how and experience to flight anything from a straight forward banner to a complicated and intricate window decal display. Whether you have dozens of regular billboards or one or two unique building wraps, we have a package to suit you.

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Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

High-quality digital printing on PVC and vinyl that won't fade, tear or rip. Any size up to giant building wrap proportions.

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Out of reach or too high doesn't exist for us

The Building Wrap Company specialises in building big structures and accessing places that traditionally can't be reached. Although we focus on outdoor advertising, our work extends across many different industries.